TAX & Returns

  • Individual ITR

  • Form 16 - Salary Return

    Any individual accountable for remunerating salary is mandatorily required to subtract tax at source on the sum outstanding and issue Form 16 to the workforce at the end of each fiscal year. At VYAPAR AADHAR, we can assist you to easily be able to take care of your TDS submission online through our platform. Subsequently, post chipping into our services, our group of TDS professionals will assist you to file all TDS returns, reimburse any overdue TDS deposit and issue Form 16 to your workforces. VYAPAR AADHAR has an understanding of working with large organizations and issuing salary TDS certificates in Form 16 to several thousands of employees.

  • PTRC/PTEC - Professional Return

    Pursuant to the amendments in the 1975 Professional Tax Act, a person (natural/legal) registered under the MGST Act is liable to register for Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate (PT-EC) and pay Rs.2500 annually. Furthermore, if the business has any employee whose monthly salary is above Rs. 7500/- it is also required to obtain Professional Tax Registration Certificate (PT-RC) and pays tax after deducting the same from the salary of the employee as provided for in the law. All taxpayers enrolled in GST have been informed in PTRC / PTEC of their compliance and registration.Under Section 3(2) of Maharashtra Professional Tax, any person except partnership firms and HUF actively or otherwise engaged under one or other class of law is liable to pay tax to the government of the State. The business entity’s professional tax (Private Ltd, Public Ltd, OPO, etc.), as well as the owner or professional tax (sole owner, partner, director, etc.), are permitted under PTEC to pay professional tax.People who earn wages or salaries are also covered. The employer (government or non-government) is required to deduct professional tax from the employee’s salary or wages at prescribed rates and to deposit the same to the respective government of the State. It is the duty of the company to pay tax even though it fails to subtract from the workers’ wages or salaries. It is common for a fully operating business organization to perform its business operations.

  • TDS Return & Refund

    TDS Return Filing is mandatory for every quarter by all persons and entities who have deducted TDS. We provide TDS Filing Services at the best possible low price with the best higher quality. We will share the templates and will collect the necessary information for filing your TDS returns. Based on the information presented, our TDS expert will prepare your TDS return and send it for your approval. Once the TDS return is verified and approved by you, We will file your TDS return with the Income Tax department and send you acknowledgment along with Returns.

  • GST Return

    The term compliance describes the ability to comply with orders, sets of rules, or requests.A private limited company that has been incorporated in India must ensure the compliances concerning the Companies Act, 2013 are adequately met.The Companies Act, 2013 regulates the appointment, qualification, remuneration, and retirement of the Company’s Directors and other aspects such as conducting board meetings and shareholder meetings. The RoC compliance for registered Private Limited Companies is necessary. Irrespective of the total turnover or the capital amount, the company must comply with the annual compliance requirement. All companies registered in India like private limited companies, one-person companies, limited companies, and section 8 companies need to maintain annual compliances like annual returns and income tax returns each year. Though Company Registration happens to be the most popular form of starting a business, various compliances need to be followed once the business is incorporated.Managing the business’s everyday operations while complying with difficult corporate laws can be a task for the entrepreneur. So, it is always better to take the professionals’ help and understand the legal requirement to ensure timely fulfillment of these compliances to waive the penalties or fines. Here, we will look at some of the Common compliances that a private limited company has to ensure mandatorily.

  • E-way bill

  • Company Audit & Return

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